I’m Sam and this is The Streamlined Desk. I help busy executives to make better use of their time.

For over twenty years, I’ve been working with not-for-profits and small businesses, handling general admin, reporting (internal and external, qualitative and quantitative), research, presentations, diary management, travel arrangements, budgeting, bookkeeping, payroll, word processing, quality and accreditation, policy and procedure, funding applications and tenders, small and large projects, and many other things that fall into The Admin Basket.

I also help with branding and collateral, and translating seemingly disparate facts and data into a story using words, pictures and figures, that executives and business operators use to make decisions about their business. My work is all about supporting you.

You can hire The Streamlined Desk to take care of your business support needs for a few hours, as you need it, for a project, or on retainer.

I’m based in Perth, Western Australia, but through the magic of the internet, The Streamlined Desk can help you and your business with most tasks, wherever you’re located.

Let’s talk about what’s on your plate and how I might be able to help you.