I provide a very responsive and high standard of service and given my extensive experience delivering work in extremely fast paced environments, can generally accomplish quite a lot in any given time. This means that for each hour you invest in my services, you will likely receive a far greater result – your time saved for something you value more, the standard of work delivered, and less hassle for you.

Pricing is dependent on what services you require, and whether on a casual or retainer basis (retainer arrangements attract discounted rates, and greater discounts when more hours are regularly scheduled per month).

I am always happy to look at any urgent work for you but please note that at times, this may attract a higher fee. This will always be discussed with you.

Prices quoted below attract GST (10%).


Terms and Conditions will apply

For example, minimum notice periods for monthly retention cancellation and deposits required for larger work and projects. These will be discussed in further detail with you and your individual quote will provide more information.